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Scrimshaw Carfing Info

All of the scrimshaw carvings
on our drinking horns, cups,and
spoons are done by hand using
a steel tool forged specifically
for the purpose by Oak Wood Forge.  The handle of this steel
tool is made from an antler
found in the woods near the

All designs are drawn freehand
onto the bufalo horn using a
soft pencil.  The design is then scrimshawed using the tool described above, and pictured
at right. 

Our drinking horns are fully functional, and may be used
with any beverage. To avoid splashing yourself, drink with
the tip pointing down.

Drinking horns, cups, and spoons must not be placed in the dishwasher or exposed to
high heat as the heat may cause the horn to soften and deform. 
Please hand-wash only.

Immersion in water may
temporarily cause the
scrimshawed design to become less visible, but it will reappear
with full impact upon drying.

We would be delighted to inscribe your custom design on a drinking horn, cup, or spoon!  Please contact us for more information.