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Blue Slate Design - Caring for your Items

Jewelry Care - the following list encompasses some basic rules for jewelry maintenance.
General Jewelry Maintenance  
♣ Put on your jewelry after you have applied your makeup and used your hairspray.
♣ Always remove your jewelry before using chemical products.
♣ Do not hang up your jewelry - place it inside a pouch or jewelry box instead.
♣ Do not leave your jewelry lying in the sun – this can cause discoloration or fading.
♣ Do not pull, tug, or twist your jewelry – jewelry threading material is delicate and can   
   eventually stretch or fray.  

Pearl Maintenance  
♣ Never soak pearls and soft stones such as amber, lapis lazuli, turquoise, emerald,
   malachite, or onyx.
♣ Never wear pearls while bathing, swimming or hot tubbing.
♣ Use a clean, soft, dry cloth to wipe your pearls clean after wearing, and store them in
   a soft pouch or cloth.

Cleaning Your Jewelry  
♣ Wiping your jewelry with a soft clean cloth after each wear should be all that is
   required to maintain it.
♣ Do not get beaded jewelry wet - do not use dips, soap and water, or liquid cleaners
   on the jewelry. 
♣ Never use toothpaste or other abrasives to clean metal or stones.
♣ Never use dips on gemstones or pearls.  
♣ Only use a non-abrasive jewelry cloth to remove excess tarnish from silver clasps.  
♣ To remove excessive tarnish on silver, polish with a jewelry cloth and a non-abrasive
   metal cleaner.

Drinking Horn Care
♣ Handwash your drinking horn only - use mild soap.
♣ Never place your drinking horn in the dishwasher or expose to high heat!
♣To avoid splashing yourself, keep the tip of the horn pointing down.

Care of Ironwork
♣ Ironwork kept indoors should require only light dusting
♣ If cleaning is necessary, do not use harsh cleaning products - use mild soap and water,
   and dry immediately.
♣ For exterior ironwork - periodically treat with oil to prevent rust.
♣ Cooking Gear - treat periodically with a food-grade oil, such as canola or olive oil.
♣ If un-desired rust does appear on any type of ironwork, remove the rust with a heavy
   steel wire brush and reapply oil.